Echoes Music Beta

Updated Beta versions are feature complete, and typically include new -trial- features suggested by users.
They are totally stable, and ready for show time.
You can participate in our beta phase by mailing suggestions and ideas.
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Download the latest beta (42)
Minimum macOS 11.0 ~ Beta expires Apr, 2, 2024

Version History

41 (Jan-13)

  • Added Track view
  • Display attachments icon in list view 
  • Revised grid TOC popover
  • Revised “copy from album” feature
  • Revised album grid filter
  • Fixed mini player animation issues
  • Revised BOOKMARKS popover to display bookmarks + current links + quick term search
  • Hogged audio-out device is now displayed in orange
  • Revised CD reader code
  • Added manual play-count increase/decrease function  (easter egg with cntr+opt+up/dn)

Features added in earlier releases

  • Added album filter on comments.
  • CD reader, now reads CD text.
  • Quick metadata copy from another album.
  • Internet Radio
  • Added support for song In, Out and Time markers. (22)
  • Added dedicated search panel. (22)
  • Audio Output Exclusive mode (21)
    • Added setting to switch volume control Off (bit perfect)
    • Fixed startup issues with sound device discovery.
  • Added Now Playing Side Panel, with info and links. (19)
  • Edit Info Panel (19)
    • added more iBatch options, including “Name Splitter”
    • fixed multiple batch editing issue
    • fixed autocomplete while editing in table columns
    • incorporated work index column
  • Revised Movement Indices for works (typically used in classical music). Current version includes new Works editor window. (12)
  • Added related albums panel displaying albums based on Artists, Composers & Genres (12)

First public release SEP 30, 2022