Echoes Music 1.0

A sensationally simple music & radio player, for the serious music collector.

  • A player specially designed for music lovers with large digital collections
  • A player with an innovative interface that lets you navigate your digital collection the way you do with your physical one.
  • A “high-fidelity” aware player that supports : MP3, AIF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AAC formats, gapless & bit-perfect playback.
  • A comprehensive music metadata editor (previously known as iBatch for Music).
  • A music backup & archiving system.

You can get started with Echoes Music straight away, with your current library (see recommendations in Getting Started below).

Download a 30-Day trial of the full application.
To continue using the app beyond the trial period, you will need to purchase Echoes Music on the App Store at the introductory price of €14.99 (or local equivalent).
One-time license, no subscription fees.

Echoes Music main interface is a Grouped Display of your albums by genre, artist, label, date added, etc.
No more long lists of unrelated albums or artists (i.e. you will not see the Beatles next to Beethoven – unless you really want to). Albums are organised the same way as in a record store.

Any sizeable collection will contain 1000s of albums, artists or labels. Most often with hard to remember names from Germany, Japan, or Indonesia, which makes searching particularly difficult.
Echoes Music offers a host of features that will make navigation simple and enjoyable, including :

  • Related Recordings of any album you click based on related, artists, composers, labels and genres.
  • Custom Color Tags (such as “Digital Download”, or “Vinyl Rip”) for instant visual album identification.
  • Smart Table of Contents to go to any section of your collection with 1-click.
  • User defined Bookmarks and a powerful Search tool for combined searches. No filter programming required.
  • Comprehensive Search Box showing recently clicked links, as well as a Artist/Composer Panel showing anyone included in your collection.

Comprehensive album list view with clear identification of album discs & work movements.
Offers song markers feature, that allows you to “virtually” split long songs to smaller parts, for listening convenience.
But Echoes Music doesn’t stop there. It also preserves album attachments for full viewing within the app.
“Attachments” is a recent trend offered by some music labels, where when you purchase a digital album you also get related content such as high res artwork, and PDFs. Like you do with CDs or LPs. You can even attach your own notes or embed YouTube videos.

Echoes Music lets you create & view playlists as you listening to the music.
Unlike other players, it classifies playlists as Song Mixes (for example “Gym Music”, “Sleep Music”, or Album Stacks similar in a way to your stacks of physical CDs or LPs (such as “My top 100”, or “Music to Check”).

A dedicated “Trends” panel lets you examine your recent plays and annual stats.
Also displays a comprehensive list of the contents of your music collection.

Meaningful metadata facilitates navigation and search. But song metadata rarely comes at source. Whether you have downloaded your music, or ripped a CD, or moved from another player, metadata such as label, or artwork is inconsistent or mostly missing.
Most players (including streamer clients) just don’t bother. But you do care about your Blue Note or ECM records…
Echoes Music offers unparalleled built in Metadata & Cover Editor with extensive batch features, plus auto tagging using online database

You have spent years adding to your valuable collection. It may run into tera-bytes in size. Feel safe with Echoes Music integrated backup and restore system. It runs incrementally in the background, even if it takes hours to complete. Deleted or modified albums can be instantly recovered.
In addition Echoes Music allows you to create and easily switch between multiple libraries. For instance you can archive music you don’t play frequently, but want to keep around. You can move albums at any time between libraries with a single click.

Access to 1000s of internet radio stations, with the Echoes Music popup radio player.
Search & Save your favourites from any place in the world with comprehensive radio list kindly provided by Radio-Browser service.

Getting Started…

Start using Echoes Music by adding songs or folders into the default library folder that is created the first time you run the app in your Music folder.

For best use you should copy your music to a folder in an external USB drive and create an Echoes Music Library by pointing to it.

Targeting the iTunes/Music folder
Echoes Music will also work directly with your iTunes/Music library folder
~/Music/Music/Media/Music/ folder.
It is not recommended though as editing metadata (such as album or artist names), may rearrange album files.

Playback Configuration

Echoes Music will perform on any configuration, from your Mac’s internal speakers to any connected bluetooth device.
For optimal sound quality it is recommended to connect your Mac to an external DAC, Integrated Amplifier and Speakers.
Echoes Music playback is Gapless and Bit-Perfect.

It supports Red-Book or High Res files : AIFF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, and compressed MP3, AAC.

Introduction to improving your sound quality