1. Batch Modify Multi purpose rename, modify, split or merge any tag in just about any way imaginable.

  2. Renumber Track renumbering.

  3. Split Name Track name split. Extracts album title, artists or other tags from track names.

  1. Album Lookup Use online database discogs.com to fill in info on any of your albums, including artwork.

  2. Album Cover Basic adjustments of all your album art.

  1. Group Checking View aggregates of many iTunes tags (like artists, year or genres), to correct inconsistencies or merge duplicates with just a few clicks.

  2. Validate Songs Examine your library for duplicates, lower resolution copies of the same tracks, or other issues and take the appropriate action to correct keeping your library streamlined at all times..

  1. Album Archive Choose a folder on your Mac or any other disc as your music Archive. Archive music you don't often listen to, but may want to revisit later.

  2. Library Backup Choose one or more folders to create exact backups of your iTunes Library.
    As with archive you can restore your valuable music at any time in the future.

Download latest beta version.

Requires Mac OS 10.8 or newer & iTunes 10.7 or newer.

Buy from the App Store ($4.99 / €5.49)

New version 3.4 now on the App Store.

If you own v3, download the latest from the App Store.


iBatch for iTunes 3

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